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 ACD200 Series Single/Triple phase 0.75~7.5KW

Wiring Diagram

Application of ACD200 series on engraving machine
       With the CNC engraving machine (also called CNC engraving machine, it embodies an automated and mechanized production mode). CNC numerical control technology combined with high-performance inverter controller and servo drive equipment in the development and application of various production industries, CNC engraving machine has increasingly become the mainstream configuration of today's engraving industry.
       The spindle system is an important component of the CNC engraving machine, and its performance has a crucial influence on the performance of the CNC engraving machine.
working principle
       The mainstream CNC engraving machine is composed of computer, engraving machine controller and engraving machine main body. Its working principle is to design and typeset the pattern through special engraving software configured in the computer, and transmit the design and typesetting information to the engraving machine via computer. In the controller, the controller converts the information into a pulse signal capable of driving the stepping motor or the servo motor, and controls the positioning of the engraving cutters of the X, Y, and Z axes on the main body of the engraving machine. At the same time, the controller starts the inverter, drives the engraving head of the spindle motor to rotate at a high speed, cuts and drills the machining materials fixed on the main table, and can engrave various plane or three-dimensional relief patterns designed in the computer. And text, to achieve automatic carving work, according to different processing materials and process requirements, can be combined with different dedicated configuration tools.
The spindle system is an important component of the CNC engraving machine, and its performance has a crucial influence on the performance of the CNC engraving machine.
Functional requirements and wiring
       ◆Multi-section VF curve is selected for control mode.
       ◆ Terminal control is required as the command source, and 2-wire terminal control: only one forward command FWD is required.
       ◆The frequency source is analog setting (computer control board output 0~10VDC), only need to input frequency command from AI1 port.
       ◆The maximum running speed is generally 24000r/min, the running frequency of the converter is 400Hz (2 level high speed motor), the lowest cutting speed is 2000r/min, the highest output frequency of our acd210 series machine can reach 1500Hz, the highest EH600A series products The output frequency is 650Hz (non-standard high-frequency models can output 1500Hz), which can meet the requirements well.
       ◆Acceleration and deceleration time is generally 20~30s according to customers' own needs.
       ◆Requires fault signal output signal (relay) and fault reset signal (RST input).
Parameter adjustment:
       Inverter terminal number and Weihong card number identification:
FWD (forward rotation) - COM short circuit MI1 (multi-speed one) - 12 ports
MI2 (Multi-speed 2) - 13 MI3 (Multi-speed 3) - 6
COM (public) -14
Or directly use the application macro parameters: H0.28 : 5
Manually adjust the corresponding parameter table:
H0.03=1 Run command channel
H0.05=10S acceleration time H0.06=10S deceleration time
H0.08=××HZ output frequency upper limit (set according to motor nameplate)
H0.22=6 carrier frequency H3.19= 100HZ one-speed frequency
H3.20=150HZ Two-speed frequency H3.21=200HZ Three-speed frequency
H3.22=250HZ Four-speed frequency H3.23=300HZ Five-speed frequency
H3.24=350HZ six-speed frequency H3.25=400HZ seven-speed frequency
H6.00=1 multi-speed terminal 1 H6.01=2 multi-speed terminal 2
H6.02=3 multi-speed terminal 3
H8.01=220/380V rated voltage H8.02= rated motor current
H8.03=400HZ rated motor frequency H8.04=24000 rpm rated motor speed
H8.05=2 motor pole number
Note: parameters should be changed before shorting FWD and COM.
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