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    2019 in order to expand the market for better implementation of the National Investment Development Corporation are: an agent, two agents, three agents, county-level dealers, based on voluntary equality, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, and common development principles, developed the following distributors, resellers related agency, distribution policy, abide by the execution.
    If the intention of cooperation after the business, please fill out the application form for review by the relevant leaders after making your visit to sign cooperation contract, the company supporting businesses allow businesses to maximize their benefits.
    To independently assume civil liability of corporate bodies, with ongoing business development capabilities, and various industries, an industry or a region has a good business communication channels open, according to independent legal service bills, companies are required to submit a business license application for copying pieces, tax registration certificate, and company profile.
Application Procedure:
    Call the company directly apply, and gives the following information: company name, company area, contact person, telephone, etc。, the company responsible for the local area manager will work with you to discuss and negotiate so that your company understands the relevant agency policy and the price system。
    n the case of breaks my company's proxy conditions, identity-based policies and agents of the Company on the price system, and the company signed a formal contract and agency agreements and other related documents.
    The company will be the case in accordance with the agreement signed, to become the company's proxy service provider issuing "proxy authorization certificate。"
    The Company will provide product information agency services and staff sales training.

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